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wind/hail damage

If you are a homeowner and suspect that you may have wind or hail damage, call the roofing experts at Elite Roofing and Construction for a Free Roof Inspection.

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Wind Damage

When a home gets hit with high winds, the wind does not hit evenly across the surface of the roof. The corner, ridge lines, eves and rakes are very susceptible to high wind damage. High winds can cause missing shingles, leaks and even gutter problems. Though the average shingle can withstand 90 miles per hour winds, the damage to a roof can start at 50 miles per hour by lifting shingles, loosening nails, breaking the seal between the layers and curling or tearing your shingle. High winds can also blow debris such as tree limbs, deck furniture and even lawn decorations which could impact the integrity of your roof and be more damaging than the wind alone.

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Hail Damage

There are several factors involved to the severity of the damage that hail can make on your home. It starts with the age of your shingles, the age of the roofing materials, the type of shingles and type of roofing materials along with the slope of your roof and hail density (size and shape). Hail Damage can puncture, bruise (fracture), tear and knock off the protective granules of the shingles and compromise the integrity and longevity of your roof. When displacement of granules occurs and the underlying asphalt is exposed to the sun without the granule of protection, it can accelerate cracking, blistering, water leaks and even cause algae formation.

At Elite Roofing and Construction we believe that a well-built roof constructed by an expert roofing team will last much longer than a poorly constructed one; That is why we provide the best materials that are installed by our expert crews that follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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