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Residential roofing

Do you need a residential roofing company that you can rely on? If you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time, at some point you’re going to need roofing services. Elite Roofing and Construction is a comprehensive roofing company that offers roofing inspections, repairs, and replacements. Every home matters to us. We want to see every home with a reliable roof. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure your roof is fixed or replaced as soon as possible. We want to handle your roofing needs without disrupting your life.

Your roof is one of the most important systems in your house. It keeps the structure and everyone inside safe. Your roof also protects your home, which is very likely your largest investment. A quality roof from Elite Roofing and Construction will protect that investment so that it lasts for a as long as possible and continues to operate correctly!

It's important to have the best roof you can. It comes with many benefits beyond just looking great and keeping you sheltered. When your roof is installed properly and with the best high-quality materials, your heating and cooling bills will go down, saving you money too!

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Free Roof Inspections

Are you worried your roof is damaged? Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to get it checked out! Elite Roofing and Construction can perform a thorough roof inspection at no cost to you. We recommend that you get your roof inspected at least twice a year to make sure that your roof is still operating perfectly. It’s best to get one inspection in the spring to ensure it is free from winter storm damage, and then another one in the fall to check for thunderstorm damage that could have happened in the summer.

With regular inspections from Elite Roofing and Construction, you’ll never be blindsided by an unexpected repair, and you’ll never have a roof problem become so out of control that it costs you big money. In addition, if you’ve just purchased a new home, we can inspect the roof to give you added peace of mind before you move in.

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What we check during free inspection

If any repairs or maintenance are needed, we’ll be able to catch them and fix them right away. With our services, your home’s roof will be in top condition all the time.



Residential Missing Shingles Services

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Comprehensive Roofing Repairs and Maintenance

All roofs need to be regularly maintained. Damage from extreme weather and simple wear and tear from age will affect the function of your roof. If you don’t regularly maintain your roof, it won’t end up lasting as long as it should. Even the routine buildup of leaves and other debris can cause serious damage. Let Elite Roofing and Construction handle all your roof’s regular maintenance, including making minor repairs and keeping your roof clean! We’ll get rid of any algae, mold, mildew and moss that’s built up on your roof. Not only will this make your roof look great, but it will prolong its life. With our expert knowledge and experience, there aren’t any roofing repairs our team can’t perform.

Sometimes when severe weather like a hailstorm or tornado hits, your roof gets damaged without you even realizing it. These kinds of damages can significantly deplete your roof’s lifespan unless they are properly dealt with by a professional right away. Always get your roof inspected by a roofing company following extreme weather. Elite Roofing and Construction can inspect your roof for extreme weather damage and give you a free, detailed report. We’ll administer any necessary maintenance and repairs to make your roof function like new again.

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Fast, Efficient Roofing Replacements

Residancial Roofing Repair Services

Most roofs last around 20 years, depending on the materials they’re made from and the weather conditions they have experienced. Getting your roof replaced may sound stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If you need a new roof, Elite Roofing and Construction can take down your old one and replace it at a reasonable price. You can trust our roofs to be superior quality. We use only the finest materials to give you a roof you can rely on for years to come. Are you not sure if you need your roof replaced? Let us inspect your roof for free!

We offer a variety of affordable roofing packages, so there’s something every homeowner. There isn’t just one roof that’s right for every home. Different houses, locations, and styles work best with different roofs. New roofing materials are constantly hitting the market, and they can be a lot to keep up with. Elite Roofing and Construction is always up to date on the latest in the roofing industry. We’ll explain all your roofing options including shingle style and color and answer any questions you have during the process. We want your roof to be something you’re proud of. We can offer you our expert opinion on the roof that will look great and function the best on your home. From color to material to shingle style and everything in between, we can help you choose the best roof for your unique home.

Residancial Roofing Repair Services
Residancial Roofing Repair Services

Elite Roofing and Construction has gotten re-roofing down to an exact science. Our service is fast and efficient. Getting your roof repaired replaced doesn’t have to be a huge inconvenience that disrupts your life. We’re also extremely safety conscious. If you have young children or pets, you can feel comfortable with Elite Roofing and Construction working on your property for an extended period of time. We pride ourselves on friendly customer service, and we love getting to know our customers and establishing real relationships with them.

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