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Commercial roofing

If you’re a business owner looking for a commercial roofing company, Elite Roofing and Construction should be your first choice. We are a comprehensive roofing company that can inspect, repair, and replace your business’ roof to ensure it stays in good shape. Businesses all over the nation trust our knowledge, experience, and work ethic to take care of all their roofing needs year-round.

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Quality Roof Maintenance & Repair that Saves You Money

Your office building, retail space, warehouse, or other commercial property is a huge investment. Don’t make the mistake of not properly caring for that investment. It will only cost your business more money in the future.

Not maintaining for your roof in between replacements can significantly decrease its lifespan. You should schedule regular maintenance to keep your roof clean and damage-free. Have Elite Roofing and Constructing monitor your roof’s condition for you! We offer free inspections and we’re always honest about any damages we find. We’ll make sure that your business’ roof is always operating in optimal condition.

Quality Commercial Roofing in Sugar Land, TX
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Roofing problems you may face with time

Depending their severity, some of these problems may only require repairs, while others mean your roof needs to be replaced ASAP. Not sure if investing in a brand-new roof is right for you? Elite Roofing and Construction will inspect your roof for free and let you know what problems we find. We will also tell you the best way to solve these problems. Sometimes roofing damage can be very obvious, while other times it might go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Excessive cracks

Commercial Leak Repair


Wind/Hail Damage


Peeling paint

Commercial Bills

Increased energy bills

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Quality Roofs
Attract Customers

Your building’s roof is one of the first thing people see when they come to your business. When your roof isn’t properly maintained, cleaned, or repaired, it reflects poorly on your business. Not only does it look neglectful, but it can also look dangerous. You don’t want out risk losing customers by having a roof that looks unsafe. Elite Roofing and Construction can repair or replace your roof to make your company more welcoming to customers. We’ll make sure your roof leaves customers with a good impression.

Elite Roofing and Construction will make sure that when customers look at your business, they see high-quality construction. Our services will keep your business looking great from the outside and safe from the inside. You won’t ever have to worry about your customers’ safety when you have a roof from Elite Roofing and Construction protecting your business.

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Free Semi-Annual & Emergency Roof Inspections

It’s important to get roof inspections regularly (ideally, twice a year) and also following severe storms that could have damaged your roof. If your business has suffered damage from extreme weather like a tornado or hurricane, schedule an emergency inspection with Elite Roofing and Construction to ensure that your roof is still in optimal condition. We’ll give you an accurate assessment and be upfront about the costs of damages. If we need to make repairs, Elite Roofing and Construction will get you back in business fast. We know that losing time inside your building means lost money. We’ll minimize downtime so you can get back to working with your customers fast.

commercial roofing in Sugar Land, TX
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Professionalism You Can Trust, People You Can Count On

We know that the company you hire to re-roof your building reflects on your business. We want to leave a positive impression on all your customers and tenants. Our team will always conduct themselves in a professional way. We work fast and efficiently. We’ll always keep your property clean and we’ll ensure that your customers or tenants feel safe while we work. You won’t ever have to worry about staff or customers getting injured due to an oversight on our part.

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Plentiful Design Options for Every Business

Our commercial roofing company offers many design choices, including the latest trends in the roofing industry. Your business will never look out-of-date! We have something for every style. Are you not sure what roof is best for your business? We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your business that will look great and last a long time.

If you need a roof inspection, roof maintenance, or roof replacement for your business, you’ll find them all at Elite Roofing and Construction! For quality that you and your business can count on, contact Elite Roofing and Construction.


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